February 20, 2007

a personal favo ... mo & benoelie

Time to share one of my favourite tapes ...
As "The Glimmers", Mo & Benoelie are currently one of Belgium's biggest export products (others are textile, beer, xtc and Axelle Red). These guys really took the time to work their way to the top. I heard them for the first time at the second Teknoville party in Cherry Moon, where they played in the chill-out room.

Their roots are in Ghent (export products: R&S/Music Man/2manydjs/waterzooi), where they started dj'ing round 1985. Pinpointing them to 1 style would be a shame. From hip-hop to funk, jungle to techno, house to ambient or elektro, they played it.
Besides playing in clubs they also did some compilations for a.o. Free the Funk, Eskimo, Série Noire, Dj-Kicks and recently Londons Fabric Club. Although their style has changed throughout the years they have my eternal respect for their contribution to the Belgian dancescene and Ghent's nightlife.

The set i'm posting was recorded in the FUSE-club (Brussels) for radio21's "GROOVE21" night, and was a warming-up for a live-set by Carl Craig that same night.
It's a funky blend of breakbeats, jungle, oldskool elektro, house, techno and ambient. To put all those styles in 1 fluent mix makes them ... f*cking genius!

I'll try to find out the exact date of this recording, or if you think you know it: put in the COMMENTS.

 DJ Set Mo & Benoelie (Fuse, April 15, 1995) by Red Bull Elektropedia