October 17, 2008


A while ago i posted a set recorded in 1991 at "Le fifty-five". If you missed it, it's still out for grabs in the "favourites"-section.

Anywayz, going 1 step further = posting a 1990-set :)
So that's what i did. And if you thought people had forgotten about this club, think again and join the group skyline - 37.5 - fifty five on Facebook to meet some likeminded.

MegaUpload: 55 - 1990 (60 minutes)
 55 Kuurne - 1990


Don't forget to tune in this saturday for the first Belgian "beat" 100. Livestream on STUBRU.BE.
And thx Knack for having such great taste :p

October 12, 2008


That's right, not a club-recording but a mix Nilz (los marginales) did.
I know the net is packed with classic-sets, but this one totally represents the sound of this blog ... listening to it takes me back the late nineties in the Fuse Motion-room (round 5 or 6 o'clock).
Enjoy it like i did!


dan curtin airport martini
ham & eggs amy grant
secret cinema for my love
young seth moment
moodyman shades of jae
Brian Transeau carl craig mix
radiohead white label
mono ekagra inverted frog
basement jaxx fly life
john tejada timebomb
ben westbeech hang around karizma mix
discotexx it's time to
walt j nite gruv
aardvarck kutwell
sambra brutal Latain-Amerikanisch
oxia fresh
jibaros nite drive
eric nouhan sunflower
don gardon take me back
francois k the road of life
chaser tall stories track 1
morgan reno chuggin
chris sattinger butterfly skull
fred gianelli sorcery
chaser tall stories track 2
blake baxter our luv

MegaUpload: Nilz
 Nilz (Los Marginales) - guestmix

And while we're at it; i usually try not to live in the past too much but friday i had a blast at the first "legendary clubs-night", this weekend i'm attending "the Greatest Switch" in Antwerp (vote!), and on November 8th i'll be raving my soul in Hasselt with Human Resource and Altern8.
Good times.

October 2, 2008

The greatest Switch: dance top 100

I don't understand why people are always nagging about the lack of interest in electronic music in the media. Let's be honest, over here in Belgium there's no reason to complain.
Ever since the early '90s national radio Studio Brussel made their contribution thanks to Teknoville, taking over the airwaves every friday and saturdaynight. About 8 years ago Teknoville got a serious make-over, and from then on it was renamed Switch ... an other name, but still a great (and similar) concept!

Today, after over 15 years of electronic music on national radio it's finally time to make a summary and chart the 100 best dance-tracks. How to do this? By sending a top5 to this link.
I strongly advise everyone to participate in order to keep high standards :p

Needless to say how hard it is to choose 5 tracks. But on the other hand, 10 or 20 would be just as difficult.

Here's the top5 i sent, ask me again tomorrow and it might look completely different :)

5. Laurent Garnier - Astral Dreams (Speakers mix)

4. Jones & Stephenson - The first Rebirth

3. Rob Dougan - Clubbed to death

2. Plastikman - Spastik

1. Wink - Higher state of Consciousness (Tweekin acid funk mix)

Feel free to post your personal chart in the comments, and don't forget to vote (i sound like Obama).

PS: tomorrow i'm doing an interview in the Switch-show (about this blog).

PPS: "woot,woot" 18th of October at Café Capital Antwerp: Greatest Switch party with the Dominators, the Terminators + Ed&Kim. Retro galore!!