November 3, 2011

Teknoville: 1995

31/3/1995 - 21.00hrs, the start of the second Teknoville "live" broadcast at Cherry Moon. If i remember well (and yes, for that kind of stuff i tend to have a good memory) this was my first night ever at Cherry Moon. How i had been looking forward to this one ... the tapes of the first edition had been on repeat for a year :)
Yves Deruyter had the honour of opening the night, followed by Zzino. As you'll hear, this is not really what you call a "warming-up set". No need to prepare, full speed to start your evening: YDR plays a typical Cherry Moon-selection, and Zzino bangs it even harder with lots of Reload-stuff. 
As the story goes, the tapes of this Teknoville-night were on repeat again within the following year, our "warming-up" when we drove back and forth to Cherry Moon in a Peugeot 205 :) 
And as the story goes further my tape got lost, but luckily i recently received an unedited copy through Soundcloud (thx "Steven Highway"). For your listening pleasure i cut out all the interviews of this StuBru-broadcast, in order to have one continuous mix without interruptions.

PS: The Sven Väth-set of that same night is also out there somewhere on the web.