June 24, 2007

été d'amour

For those who might doubt it, RESPECT is still going strong, so if you get near Paris this summer, i'd advice to go and chè chè chè chè chè, chè check it out! You can take a look at the wha whawha wha what's it all about over here.
One of the jocks who will once again hit the decks is Romain BNO, a resident since the early days.
Underneath you'll find the set he played at Fuse, 07.04.00 (the same night Dimitri from Paris played, set still online by the way).
From Markus Nikolaï's "Bushes to Blake Baxter's "Sexuality", ...
must have been one hot damn night.

Romain BNO, fuse 07.04.00

June 21, 2007

"his face looked like plastik, man!"

Before the internet became part of our lives, clubbers stayed informed about nightlife thanks to flyers and magazines. One of those magz that was there from the beginning is Out-Soon magazine. What started as a collection of flyers has now turned into a true nightlife/lifestyle magazine.
Some years ago they hosted a few parties of their own, ... and guess what? Underneath you'll find a link to a recording that was made on one of those magical nights. It features a dj-set by Richie Hawtin, better known these days as "the min_mal king". The set was recorded many years ago, it's just as deep as what he plays nowadays, but let's say it's "a bit" harder/faster (better/stronger?)

June 12, 2007

josh 'used to be a dread' wink

I love acid (but that quote was claimed by Luke Vibert), and i can think of many great tracks, ... but if i had to take 1 record out of my collection, it would be "higher state of consciousness" by Josh Wink.
My all time favourite song! (that is, electronic)

As a dj it took him way to long to get the credits he deserves over here in Europe. Strangely enough his popularity has increased only the past few years, thanks to the minimal-hype, while his interests are much wider than this. "Variety" is the nice thing about the set underneath: a blend of acid, breakbeats, techno, a lot of house, some dubby and even progressive influences ...

i am ready ;) Josh Wink 16.10.99 at Fuse (2 hour-set)

June 7, 2007

a nurse with a tattoo

This must be the look that made the french kitten popular.
As for music, i got in touch with her after the release of her Champagne ep (featuring the coky "Frank Sinatra" hit), a collaboration with The Hacker on the Intl. Deejay Gigolo label.
The set underneath was recorded 1 year after this release, and it sets off with a 30min. live-act of this duo (mind the Gameboy in the intro), then followed by a dj-set. The tracklist is very diverse, it starts with Prince's "When doves cry" and explores acid, techno, elektro, minimal (the real stuff) and even some booty kinda influences.
If you like this kind of diversity, try checking her Radio Caroline vol.1 mix-cd, the track-selection is very nice.

June 4, 2007

Ostend Casino, Derrick Carter used to play there

Years ago, the Fuse-club did some outdoor gigs, called "Fuse on the beach" ... nice memories: afternoon-parties at the Ostend beach, and at night a rave in the Ostend Casino. This same venue was also the location of Fuse 5th birthday, where Derrick Carter and Carl Craig hosted the house-room.
The main room was rather techno-oriented, i could be wrong but i think Green Velvet played that night (help me out and fill the cheese-holes in my brain).
Edit: seems like i was wrong, other "techno" guests that night were Luke Slater and Stacey Pullen.
The set underneath is a recording of the Derrick Carter-set. It's 100% house with a nice Chicago-drive. When i heard him play at Café d'Anvers a few years later he couldn't convince me in the same way as he does with this set. Agree?

MegaUpload: 23.04.99. Derrick Carter, Ostend Casino
 5 years Fuse @ Ostend Casino: dj Derrick Carter 23.04.99