June 24, 2007

été d'amour

For those who might doubt it, RESPECT is still going strong, so if you get near Paris this summer, i'd advice to go and chè chè chè chè chè, chè check it out! You can take a look at the wha whawha wha what's it all about over here.
One of the jocks who will once again hit the decks is Romain BNO, a resident since the early days.
Underneath you'll find the set he played at Fuse, 07.04.00 (the same night Dimitri from Paris played, set still online by the way).
From Markus Nikolaï's "Bushes to Blake Baxter's "Sexuality", ...
must have been one hot damn night.

Romain BNO, fuse 07.04.00

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