July 27, 2007

good cop, bad cop

Good cop: Steve Cop
Underneath you'll find a 90 minute mix Steve did at Fuse in 1994. It was online some time ago (before i started up this blog), but it seems like a lot of people missed it at the time, so here's the repost. As a part of the Antwerp-scene Steve played alongside the world's best dj's, mainly thanks to his residency at Café d'Anvers. Nowadays he's become a familyman and still does some dj'ing every now and then (but not often).

The mix sets of in a housy mood with Carl Craig's remix of Tori Amos' God, from there on it slowly builds up to end in techno-mayhem.

By demand i also did a repost of the Mo&Benoelie-set at Fuse, you can read the original post over here.

DJ Set Steve Cop (Fuse, September 17, 1994) Soundcloud

DJ Set Mo & Benoelie (Fuse, April 15, 1995)  Soundcloud

July 22, 2007

rue blaes straat 208

The adress of the notorious Fuse-club ... but also the same building that hosts/hosted Mad Club and La Démence.

Underneath are 2 recordings of those concepts.
First is a 75 minutes-Mad Club set, it features resident dj's Yves Deruyter and Rudy. The club used to be open every wednesday -but that seems like ages ago- and was managed by Boterham (slice of bread if you prefer :)
The second set, fortunately is only 35 minutes (short impression), it was recorded in La Démence by resident-dj Elias, as featured in this picture. La Démence is a gay concept, it's still running after all those years (monthly).

La Démence White Party - sunday 22.03.98 dj Elias

July 16, 2007

papa Väth

Last days have been rather busy, with some fine jazz at the Bluenote-festival, the opening of the 10daysoff, and some garbage-camping at Dour ;)
(by the way, i'm doing a few 10days-reports at allnighters.net ... that is if you speak dutch)

Time to recover and get back in shape with some vintage techno?
Underneath's a link to a 2h30 mix by Sven Väth, recorded at Fuse in '98. Väth's been at the top for over 15 years now, and it seems like he'll stick to that spot.
I saw him play earlier this year (once again ... at Fuse) and it was one of the best sets i'd heard in months.

New link: 3parts in a split-RAR:
Sven Väth, 25.04.98 part 1
Sven Väth, 25.04.98 part 2
Sven Väth, 25.04.98 part 3

July 5, 2007

Derrick May have a temper, but he's one hell of a dj

No need to introduce this techno-don. I saw him perform a few times and i especially liked the way he blends techno with house (and the odd classic) instead of pinpointing to one style.
Usually his mixing skills are top noch, but once i saw him have an off-day in the Vooruit venue at a Teknoville-party. Due to technical problems that night mixing wasn't as smooth as it should be, so when it really got to Derrick he just took his headphones and threw them into the backstage area. Therefore "temper, temper" in this thread's title.

The set below starts with some ultrafunky house, and from there on evolves further into Detroit and straight-on-techno. Enjoy these 72 minutes (there's a little skip during Green Velvet's "Coïtus"-track ... skip... Coïtus, so hard not to make a dumb joke about that).

July 2, 2007

91 . 92 . r4v3p0st

Things have been rather calm on the upload-front last week, so i thought i'd make it up with a triple-post:

Set 1 is a repost (back by popular demand):
Club 55, 1991. Info in the original post. True RAVESTYLE!

Set 2 was recorded in Antwerp at the legendary Café d'Anvers in October 1992. The sound is more clubby/housy, after all this is the city where the Wonka-label was founded. I don't have an exact date, or the name of the dj (must be one of the residents at that time: Koenie? Steve Cop? ...) but it's defenitely worth checking out (and the tapequality seems very ok).

Set 3 is a 90 minute-mix recorded in a small local club called Chéops (closed down after a police raid if i remember well). It sets of rather calm in a true sunday-afternoon style, but after about 10 minutes in come the classics. The recording was dated 1991.

 Chéops - Philippe Traikos 1991

Extra set: while i was at it, i also did a new upload on the At The Villa post from some time ago, it's a dj-set by residents Marko & Johan, recorded in 1994 (nice thing about this set is that you actually here the crowd go mentall on the background ... and then there's the music)
Read the original post here. Direct download

Hope you'll enjoy them!