July 2, 2007

91 . 92 . r4v3p0st

Things have been rather calm on the upload-front last week, so i thought i'd make it up with a triple-post:

Set 1 is a repost (back by popular demand):
Club 55, 1991. Info in the original post. True RAVESTYLE!

Set 2 was recorded in Antwerp at the legendary Café d'Anvers in October 1992. The sound is more clubby/housy, after all this is the city where the Wonka-label was founded. I don't have an exact date, or the name of the dj (must be one of the residents at that time: Koenie? Steve Cop? ...) but it's defenitely worth checking out (and the tapequality seems very ok).

Set 3 is a 90 minute-mix recorded in a small local club called Chéops (closed down after a police raid if i remember well). It sets of rather calm in a true sunday-afternoon style, but after about 10 minutes in come the classics. The recording was dated 1991.

 Chéops - Philippe Traikos 1991

Extra set: while i was at it, i also did a new upload on the At The Villa post from some time ago, it's a dj-set by residents Marko & Johan, recorded in 1994 (nice thing about this set is that you actually here the crowd go mentall on the background ... and then there's the music)
Read the original post here. Direct download

Hope you'll enjoy them!


  1. link down spijtig genoeg beste

  2. ze werken alle 3 nog hoor ... misschien was de site even OFF?

    probeer het nog eens zou ik zeggen ;)