May 30, 2007

respect is burning: "le mighty Bob" Sinclar

It seems rather ridiculous to write an introduction to one of the biggest so-called superstar dj's of the past few years.
So i'm not going to :)
Cheesy as Bob's sounds may sound now, they're an insult to his early work, and the same goes for his dj-sets.

That's why i suggest you check this set from his early days, and hopefully you'll understand how he became so "big".
74 minutes of disco-influenced house, pure and uncut.

For those who don't know where Bob got his name, have a look at the video underneath. It's a trailer from the "Le magnifique" movie, featuring Jean Paul Belmondo as special agent ... Bob Sinclair.

If you ever get the chance: try and see it. It's one of the funniest french movies around. (if you're into James Bond kinda slapstick)

 Respect is burning @ Fuse: dj Bob Sinclair 28.01.00

While i'm at it: Dimitri from Paris is hosting the release of his new "Cocktail disco"-cd this weekend at Make-Up-Club (Ghent). Count me in!

May 28, 2007


Lazy sunday (on a monday!), and not really the best weather outside ... so i did a little lounge-mix this afternoon. It's only 35 minutes, but you can always put it on repeat ;)
Maybe not the music some of you are used to, but hell, i thought to myself, i might aswell share it, even if it only makes 1 person happy. There's no real beatmatching involved, just some random tracks i like in one mix.


Peace orchestra: shining
Mighty bop: mon freestyle linguistique
Kinobe: slip into something comfortable (a classic!)
Kid beyond: deep inside
Nightmares on wax: cruise
Labi siffre: i got the blues
Up bustle & out: coca conga

comments are welcome!

here here here

May 27, 2007

top 5

I've been rather lazy the past few days (blogwise), but with a long weekend ahead of me, i should get something online.
In the meantime i've been checking some stats, here's the current download-top 5 on the blog:

1. Dj Hell (640)
2. Luke Slater (582)
3. Switch (465)
4. Steve Stoll (356)
5. Kenny Larkin (237)

All of these sets are still online.

May 20, 2007

new year's eve is getting closer ... it always does

If i see the download-stats some sets on my blog get, i notice that most of the readers are into techno. The set featured underneath will serve a wider audience i think... it was recorded at Fuse, NYE 1999. That's right, the last day of the milennium!
Needless to say there are a lot of classics in this mix.
I won't spoil the fun and give you a tracklist in advance (also because i'm far to lazy to do that), but you'll here some of my favourite tracks from the 90ies, the end of the new-beat era, acid house, and of course a lot of pure bangin' techno. I can give away the first track: Planetary Assault Systems, Booster. You can clearly hear Jack de Marseille has played in Belgium a lot during his career.

31.12.99. ... Jack had a groove ...

May 17, 2007

björk revisited

One of my favourite artists has a new album out ... i bet the videos will look great again. Hopefully as great as this parody:

May 13, 2007

happy mothers day

Yo mama so fat.. she got baptized in SEA WORLD
Yo mama so old... She used to gangbang wit the Hebrews
Yo mama so dumb...she got food stamps and ate em
Yo mama so stupid... she tried to get a manicure with food stamps
Yo mama so stupid, she bought 2 cell phones, 1 for each ear
Yo mama so fat i tried to walk around her one time, and i got LOST
Yo mama so fat wen she went to school she sat next EVERYBODY
Yo mama teeth soo yellow, wen she went to the dentist he said "cant believe its not butter"

Yo mama a man, and ur daddy likes it
Yo mama so fat she can sell shade
Yo mama so poor her boobs are real
Yo mama so stupid she was staring a an orange juice carton for twenty minutes because it said "concentrate" Yo mama so ugly her pillow cryz at night
Yo mama so ugly, when she gets up, the sun goes down
Yo mama so old when i told her to act her age, she died

May 12, 2007

basement jaxx ... LIVE

10.000 visits at this blog, big up yaself :) ... this calls for a special treat.
The title says it all i guess. In 1999 Simon and Felix presented their "Remedy" album at the Fuse' Motion Room in a semi-live.
It features a mixture of their own tracks and some goodies from their record-bag (they're dj's after all) + 2 of their vocalists to heat the whole thing up.

The album is in my all-time top 5, and i don't think it ever left my recordbag since its release.
(even the album-sleeve is one of the nicest i ever saw)

2 years later i saw them perform at a Belmondo night in the SMAK-museum, presenting their Rooty-album. A fantastic night out and a great performance, but somehow i think the Jaxx never reached the level of their debut album again.
If you feel the same, don't forget to check their Atlantic Jaxx compilations. (especially the first, it's packed with classics!)

17.04.99. Basement Jaxx ... not even big enough to host the main room :)

May 6, 2007

extreme mondays ... pas "comme un lundi"

All of my previous posts were Fuse-recordings ... i have quit a few left, but this time i'm posting something from another legendary club: Extreme. Altough ... there's still a connection:
Phi-Phi hosted some nights at the upstairs "BUMP" room in Fuse.

I first heard of him when he was a resident in At the Villa (Kooigem), but many years later Phi Phi is still in high demand, often for so called "retro"-nights.
Almost anyone can play retro-music, but i would advise you to check his progressive sets:
Phi Phi still seems to have kept the track of time very well.

The set underneath was recorded 03.02.98., nearly 10 years ago ... time flies (when you're having fun). Mondaynight session, this means mainly progressive trance.

They even named island after this man :)

May 3, 2007

solid steve

Hard times, hard music ... here's a set by Steve Stoll: not only a good dj, but also an underestimated producer.
(check his album "The blunted boy wonder")

To be honest, i don't think i ever saw him perform live, neither do i know what he's been into lately, so just call me a lazy dog, when i tell you to Google it!

This 2-hour set was recorded in '99, and sets of rather melodic, that is for the first 15 minutes. After that it's straight ahead techno, with a somehow industrial undertone (personal interpretation).
This set is dedicated to all victims of the current minimal-domination :)

Fuse 20.03.99.

May 1, 2007

salome de bahia

I was planning on calming down a bit on the "Respect"-sets, trying to avoid an overload, ... but with this sunny weather, i just had to post the Salome de Bahia live-act. This Brazilian singer stepped into the house-scene in 1998, collaborating with Bob Sinclair (more sets to follow from him). Her biggest hit was Outro Lugar, a re-work of the Stevie Wonder classic "Another Star".
The live is about 30 minutes. Playing before her: dj Deep, after her: the mighty Bob Sinclair. 2 sets from the same date will follow later.

listen to Brazilian women, instead of watching them on the internet, Fuse 28.01.00.