May 30, 2007

respect is burning: "le mighty Bob" Sinclar

It seems rather ridiculous to write an introduction to one of the biggest so-called superstar dj's of the past few years.
So i'm not going to :)
Cheesy as Bob's sounds may sound now, they're an insult to his early work, and the same goes for his dj-sets.

That's why i suggest you check this set from his early days, and hopefully you'll understand how he became so "big".
74 minutes of disco-influenced house, pure and uncut.

For those who don't know where Bob got his name, have a look at the video underneath. It's a trailer from the "Le magnifique" movie, featuring Jean Paul Belmondo as special agent ... Bob Sinclair.

If you ever get the chance: try and see it. It's one of the funniest french movies around. (if you're into James Bond kinda slapstick)

 Respect is burning @ Fuse: dj Bob Sinclair 28.01.00

While i'm at it: Dimitri from Paris is hosting the release of his new "Cocktail disco"-cd this weekend at Make-Up-Club (Ghent). Count me in!


  1. bedankt voor het setje, bob toen nog in zen goeie jaren ;-)
    greetz koendial

  2. en hop,
    nieuwe soundtrack om de komende week's files te doorstaan.

  3. allez ardi, nog iemand die de baan doet.

    'k heb net je blogs eens gecheckt, je steekt er precies ook wel wat tijd in (bedankt voor de link naar de pumpupthevolume-docu)

  4. yep, ik doe een beetje vanalles en zeker ook de baan.
    Mja, steek wel wat tijd in blogs maar is wel fun. Je leert eens nieuwe mensen van overal op een andere manier kennen.

  5. So true about his recent work putting his earlier work to shame. I went to quite a lot of respect parties in fuse and the ones with Bob were some of the best.
    The link seems to be broken, is it possible to repost the set so i can download it and take a trip down memory lane? Thx in advance.