March 30, 2007

switch it

Paris is raving to Edbanger, Berlin exports minimalsounds, so what about London these days?
Well, it seems like there's a new scene, mashing house with elektro, baile funk and hip-hop into so-called "fidget-house". A typical UK-sound with fat drum-rolls (remember speed-garage?) and bouncy beats.
Personally, i LIKE it, but the attention for this style outside of the UK appears to be rather small.

One of the founding fathers is SWITCH, better known as the producer of last years "A bit patchy" anthem. Switch aka dj Dave Taylor/Solid Groove/Brucker has been very active as a remixer during the past year.

His dj-sets are packed with edits and remixes (official and unreleased) for very different kind of artists.

Switch it!

an pierlé

And now for something completely different... 60 minutes of live music by one of Belgiums most talented artists.

Together with her band White Velvet An Pierlé released her 5th album in 2006. Describing music is never easy, (intimate? singer-songwriter? AIR?)that's why i suggest you just listen to this perfomance, recorded at the Boomtown-festival in Ghent.
O yeah, Rolling Stone recently put them in their "Top 25 bands on Myspace".

[FILE DELETED, request only]

March 24, 2007

respect to st-dic

Being one of the residents at the FOOD-parties, Pascal Saint Dic caught the attention of the FUSE-club. In 1998 he joined the team and gained his spot in the Motion-room.
2 years later "Respect is burning" gave him a chance to play in the main room, doing a warming-up set for Dimitri from Paris.

St Dic plays a laidback selection of deep house tunes and sets the party of near the end of his set. Good job!

At the end of 2006 "Scalle" said goodbye to Fuse and to the world, may he rest in peace.

MegaUpload: Respect is burning - fuse - 07.04.00

 RESPECT is Burning at FUSE - St-Dic 07.04.00

man like me, oh my gosh

March 19, 2007

IMPORTANT NOTE: i currently seem to have some problems uploading files to Yousendit(files expiring to fast, not getting the requeste link ...) i'll try and fix the problem ASAP

have some patience, go play in the snow and come back in a few days, or give me some suggestions for a good "free-file-host" (using the comments button)


one Hell of a party

In the next few weeks/months you can expect several Fuse-sets on my blog.
Maybe you didn't recognize the picture, but today i'm offering you a
dj Hell-set. In and out of the picture, Dj Hell has always been out there ever since i started listening to electronic music, and i've been following him since his first release ("my definition of house music" on R&S).

The set was recorded in 1999, at that time Hell had an "international residency" at the club ... one year later he released a mix-cd for FUSE in the "Fuse presents"-series. (In 2007 that honour goes to Steve Bug, check my review here, that is if you speak Dutch)

As usual Hell doesn't compromize and mixes house, techno, Chicago ... don't expect to hear elektro or trashy sounds, this set was recorded before the hype!

March 18, 2007


If you're ever anywhere near Brussels and you'd like to see some nice artwork, try visiting the alice galery.

March 14, 2007

dimanche après-midi (when sunday wasn't "lazy sunday")

People change, dj's change. Manu Kenton -former resident at the Belgian LAGOA-club- nowadays plays hardtechno, french-tek and other substyles i'm not interested in.
But in '94 he hosted the popular sunday-afternoons in this club. Because these afternoons attracted a very diverse crowd the music didn't pinpoint to one style. Enjoy a fine mixture of house, techno, trance and some Amsterdam-sounds all in one nice blend + a few forgotten classics to top it off.

March 13, 2007

never thought i'd dance to Cindy Lauper again ...

Here's part 2 of Dimitri's set, after all he played a 5-hours set that night (!). In this finale you can expect some sexy house tunes again ... and in his last 30 minutes he rewards the crowd with a big musical "thank you", mixing some top 80ies tunes like Tom Tom Club, Bomb the Bass, Scritti Politti, Cindy Lauper (them girls ...).

The last 20 minutes of this recording are mixed by Jef K, a Respect-resident and a "Respected" dj.
He brings that typical sound you just don't seem to hear anymore. (Ask yourself: where can you still hear music like this?)
Warning: this is a "live" tape again, at the end of his set you'll hear the typical FUSE-appreciation as the crowd returns Dimi some love.

MegaUpload: 020202 grande finale

 Respect is Burning at Fuse: Dimitri From Paris 02.02.02 pt2 

March 6, 2007

paris is burning

Bad luck if you thought you'd find some hot Paris Hilton action, Paris is still the capital of France, and the most burning sensation the frenchies gave us were the RESPECT parties. Check the history of those legendary nights over here.

The set i'm presenting you is mixed by one of the Respect-residents: Dimitri from Paris, and was recorded at the Fuse-club. If i'm not mistaking this was the release-party of the "after the Playboy Mansion" cd.
The Respect-parties at Fuse were well known for their great atmosphere and open-minded crowd, it's a bit of a shame they came to an end in 2003 (that is for Belgium). It seems like nowadays Respect have returned to their Paris roots, last year they hosted some parties spreading the French Edbanger-vibe.

MegaUpload: Paris is sleeping, Fuse is burning ;) Dimitri from Paris @ fuse 020202 pt1
 Respect is Burning at Fuse: Dimitri From Paris 02.02.02 pt1 

March 1, 2007

carl craig live (as in "live"!)

This is part 2 of the Fuse-post i did a few weeks ago (check underneath). Exit Mo&Benoelie, enter Carl Craig.
I think Carl's been around ever since i started going out (under different aliases).
My earliest memory: "throw" as Paperclip People
My favourite track: "frequency finale" as 69 ,i know it's older than "throw", but i discovered it later (repress)
My favourite remix: "moskow discow" by telex

Until now i saw him perform 3 times : first was a dj-set at the Fuse On The Beach event (Ostend, can anyone tell me what year?), second a live-gig at Groovecity (Brussels'04) and third was a dj-set at 10daysOff (Ghent'06). To be honest, as a dj i liked him till some years ago, but his last gig was kinda disappointing (being a bit predictable in stead of innovative).
As a producer and perhaps even more as a remixer, he's still one of the greatest (Beanfield - Tides, Cesaria Evora - Angola are among my favourite tracks of the last few years).

Moskow Diskow video (original version)
Carl Craig dj-kicks video
Carl Craig's Televised Green Smoke (check the Tres Demented percussion in the beginning)

Oh yeah, here's his LIVE-gig at Fuse:
 Live Carl Craig (Fuse, April 15, 1995) by Red Bull Elektropedia 

jumpin "lego-style"

This video's been all over blogland last year, but yet some people seem to have missed it ... big up to the creators (and the actors!!)

and while you're at it, check this hellzapoppin lindy-hop and tell me where you think these dayz' JUMPERS found their inspiration