March 13, 2007

never thought i'd dance to Cindy Lauper again ...

Here's part 2 of Dimitri's set, after all he played a 5-hours set that night (!). In this finale you can expect some sexy house tunes again ... and in his last 30 minutes he rewards the crowd with a big musical "thank you", mixing some top 80ies tunes like Tom Tom Club, Bomb the Bass, Scritti Politti, Cindy Lauper (them girls ...).

The last 20 minutes of this recording are mixed by Jef K, a Respect-resident and a "Respected" dj.
He brings that typical sound you just don't seem to hear anymore. (Ask yourself: where can you still hear music like this?)
Warning: this is a "live" tape again, at the end of his set you'll hear the typical FUSE-appreciation as the crowd returns Dimi some love.

MegaUpload: 020202 grande finale

 Respect is Burning at Fuse: Dimitri From Paris 02.02.02 pt2 

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