August 30, 2007


Last post before i'm taking 2 weeks off.
Rush rush, no time for research ... packing my bags and i'm off on holiday.

If you're into techno here's what you can listen to in the meantime:

 DJ Set The Advent (Fuse, May 30, 1998) by Red Bull Elektropedia

August 22, 2007

extra time

Here's one of my alltime favourite videos: Ken Ishii's breakthrough-track Extra. The video's just as excellent as the song itself. The release came with a few excellent remixes, hard to choose which one's the best ... Dave Angel did a great uptempo track, but the more breaky Wagonchrist-remix was truly amazing (that bass sound just blew me away).

I saw Ishii perform only once, when he did a dj-set at I love Techno (the first or second edition at Flanders Expo i guess). His set was very diverse, blending techno with house, breakbeats and some olskool sounds.
Underneath's a comparable set, recorded at Fuse. You've been warned: expect more than just techno.

28.03.98 Ken Ishii at Fuse

As usual i'm testing yet another filehost (it's starting to turn into a fetish)

August 20, 2007

up up up up

As you've noticed a lot of my sets have been deleted ... i've started replacing the old links by some mirror-files. Within the next few days a lot of stuff (not all) should be online again.

August 16, 2007

joey beltram

There since the early days, and planning to stay ... 6th of october he's back in Ghent again at Kozzmozz.

The only time i saw him perform was years ago at the 10daysofftecho-festival (in a former bowling), also in Ghent.
The connection with my hometown is rather easy: it's home to the R&S-label, which played a big role in Beltram's succes. In 1991 they released the rave-anthem "Energy Flash" (released earlier on Transmat). The track turned into an instant classic and gave him the chance to play all over Europe. And guess what? One of his stops was at the Fuse-club.

 Joey Beltram at Fuse: 23.05.98

05:00 Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
06:25 Joey Beltram - My sound
08:40 Second Phase - Mentasm
12:20 Astrospider - Ritmista
15:00 Joey Beltram - Caliber
18:05 Joey Beltram - The start it up
20:15 DJ Funk - Pump It
23:15 Joey Beltram - Floaters
25:25 JB3 - Forklift (Luke Slater rmx)
29:10 Joey Beltram - Believer
32:00 Jeff Mills - Captivater
37:20 Joey Beltram - Game Form
40:15 Dave Clarke - Southside
42:15 Jeff Mills - Reverting
45:00 Equinox - Into battle (beltram rmx)
49:30 H: Pathfinder
52:00 Jeff Mills - Kart race
56:50 Joey Beltam - Verbs
61:30 Aphrohead - Thee light
64:45 JB3 - Forklift
70:00 Joey Beltram - Ball park

August 13, 2007

deep, deeper, dj deep

Summer's not over yet ... -in fact it hasn't even started-, and Respect is still running their "été d'amour" show.
All those in favour of a Belgian edition say "aye"(!).
One of the residents since the early days is dj Deep. After all these years he's still as popular as he used to be, that's why he'll be playing alongside Dennis Ferrer on the 29th of august at Le bateau Concorde Atlantique.

Underneath's a link to a set recorded in the early naughties. Sounds like it was yesterday, but unfortunately it isn't. ("Getting old, are we?")

Respect is Burning at Fuse Brussels, 28.01.00. (75 minutes - Zshare)

Feel free to help me out on the tracklist:
00:00 Masters At Work - Brazilian Beat
07:00 Matrix - Get Out (mad mix)
11:10 Pépé Bradock - Burning
21:30 World, sky and universes - The Answer (extended mix)
25:45 Anastacia - I'm Outta Love (ID Remix)
34:15 Ten City - My Piece Of Heaven
39:45 LNR - Work It To The Bone
43:05 The Deep - Dom Dom
49:25 The MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky
54:35 Jasper Street Company - God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
61:20 Lil' Louis & The World - I Called U (The Story Continues)
67:35 Dj Rolando - Knights of the Jaguar

August 4, 2007

down down down down

I'm currently testing this "Driveway"-host for larger files. Drop me a comment if it works/doesn't work (i don't download my own files ;)

As you've noticed, all Quicksharing links are down at the moment (the host hast melted away??)
Zshare is on!

August 3, 2007

dave clarke (does it for you)

Kinda strange ... i've been posting Fuse-recordings for some time, but it took over 6 months for the first Dave Clarke-set to appear on this blog.

Clarke used to be my favourite dj for some time (after his legendary "Eurodance" set), but lately i haven't really been following what he's been up to.

The recording underneath is a vinyl-set of nearly 3hours (the last 20 minutes probably feature one of the residents) with the usual ingredients: techno, elektro, booty, detroit, house, ... the bangin' stuff.

Dave Clarke, 18.12.99 Fuse 3hours - complete mix (MegaUpload)

  DJ Set Dave Clarke (Fuse, December 18th 1999)