January 27, 2008

at the villa special

That's right: 1 post, 3 sets ... and since it doesn't always have to be Fuse-recordings here's an old love of mine: At The Villa.
A legendary Belgian club famous for its music, dj's, label and above all its people.
Expect a nice mixture of house, trance and techno in a nye-set + 2 live-sets (lots of cheering, whistling and clapping!). The live-sets are amonst my all-time-favourites ;)

At The Villa, dj Johan 31.12.96.
At The Villa/The Church Johan+Marko '94 "live" 60 min.
At The Villa/The Church Johan+Marko '94 "live" 90 min. (re-post)

January 24, 2008

sven väth

It's techno-time again with a full set recorded in '99.
"Full", that means nearly 4 hours of music, divided in 3 separate downloads. As usual Väth puts a lot of variety to it ... setting off deep and funky, but pounding near the grand finale.

If you'd like to know what techno sounded like in '99, i'd advise you to check this, and that's a personal recommendation :)

January 19, 2008

repost: dimitri from paris

By popular demand i reposted the set he played 07.04.00. at Respect is burning, Fuse.
Enjoy it over here. Background-info in the original post.

January 16, 2008


Is anyone familiar with the Woostercollective?

It's an ideal introduction to the world of street-art in all it's forms: graffiti, stencyling, photography ... just about anything that moves around a randsom corner in cities all around the globe.

Daily updates and new pictures, movies or even comics.

It doesn't always have to be music that makes you smile, think or even shock you.

respect to ivan smagghe

My previous Respect-post has been a while, so here's one for the house-headz. That's right, Smagghe used to play house and he played it well! So underneath: a rip from a set he did at Fuse in '99, filled with some vintage French-touch, Basement Jaxx, Paul Johnson and some more bumpy tracks.

If you catch him nowadays (i'd advice you to) you'll probably here a more elektro/minimal kinda-sound. Still top-notch!