February 19, 2012

Freaks on a mission

It's been a while since my last post, so i'll try and make it up with a little exclusive: a 1999-recording by Fred Nasen @ Kasteel Beukenhof - Vichte (BE). 99% of you probably don't know this venue, that's because it's a restaurant ... in the lovely setting of a castle. 
Together with my brother and some friends we hired this venue for a one-off with some local dj's and 2 guests: Jan Van Biesen & Fred Nasen. Fred's set is a personal favorite, because it's a nice mixture between the clubby sounds of let's say H2o (where he used to be a resident) and a more tech-house kinda sound. 
If i find the time i'll try and put the Jan van Biesen-set online aswell.

O yeah, we named the party "Freakmission", and i can honestly say i have some very nice memories of that night ... a.o. closing the doors at 11pm since the place was rammed :)