June 26, 2008

there's a doctor in the house ...

... and his name is Dr. Jones aka Franky Jones. He's been around a bit longer than the other doctor, and is one of the pioneers in the Belgian electronic scene. His dj- and production skills have opened doors all over the world. May-day, I love Techno, Loveparade, you name it he did it. The first time i saw him perform was at The Voodoo Eclipse (july 1995), he distincted himself from other dj's that night by playing in a more progressive kinda way, and that's the way i like his sets. One of my favourite sets was the one he did at the Teknoville-party in Fuse.

Anyway, after a sabbatical Franky is back in full force and within the next few months his name will start popping out in numerous party-calendars again. One of those "calendars" is on Legendaryclubs, and that's where i asked Franky what HIS favourite set was, so here goes the little story ...

"I had received a booking, but didn't actually know where it would take place. I met the organisers near a gasstation, and from there on they would take me to the crimescene :)
The rave was called Tribe-festival and took place in the woods of Arlon (Ardennes). It was a Goa-night, and i didn't know any of the other dj's. Although i was supposed to do a 2-hour-set, i ended up playing for 4 hours by popular demand of a wild crowd. It was one of my best sets that year. I never saw a flyer of the event or any info on the internet, but still about 800 people found their way into the woods that night."

The set is a 4-hour continuous mix, recorded in excellent quality and with some extra remastering on the sound afterwards (he's a perfectionist).

MegaUpload: Franky Jones at Tribe Festival, Arlon 16.06.06. 4hours (128 kbps 226mb)
MegaUpload: Franky Jones at Tribe Festival, Arlon 16.06.06. 4hours (320 kbps 565mb)
 Tribe Festival Arlon - dj Franky Jones 16.06.06 - 4hour set

Some tripnology to get you in the mood (Franky Jones: Q-Troniques):

June 24, 2008

thx guys!!

The counter at the bottom of this page will pass 50.000 hits today. 29.000 visitors (15.000 "unique") in 97 different countries payed me a visit in the past year and a half. Encouraging :)

Some interesting numbers ... does music enlighten the axis of evil?

June 20, 2008

5 years fuse (years ago)

To be honest i had my doubts whether i would post this set: the sound quality is ok and so are the tracks ... but the mixing isn't all that good (but that's not my fault is it?).
Consider this set "one for the fans" or a memory for those who were there (like me).

So why am i posting it now? Well, someone requested a re-post on the Derrick Carter-set recorded that same night and this one's highly recommended. If you haven't got it yet: grab it!
If you already have it, and you'd like to complete your collection: go for Carl Craig.

PS: Derrick Carter is playing in Decadance Ghent July 11th.

MegaUpload: 5 years Fuse at Ostend Casino: Carl Craig, 23.04.99.
 5 years Fuse @ Ostend Casino: dj Carl Craig 23.04.99

MegaUpload: 5 years Fuse at Ostend Casino: Derrick Carter, 23.04.99.
(re-post: original Carter-post over here)
 5 years Fuse @ Ostend Casino: dj Derrick Carter 23.04.99

June 9, 2008

the scene

Not a re-post this time, instead some new Steve Cop stuff.
The Scene was a pure techno-club and opened its doors in '98. Resident-dj's Zzino and Steve Cop invited guests such as Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Ian Pooley, Mike Dearborn ... in a monastery near Oudenaarde. Even though the club looked nice, the line ups were great and the soundsystem blew you away the place was shut down after a few months due to a lack of visitors.
Would this club still be open if it were in Ghent, Antwerp or Brussels?

MegaUpload: Steve Cop at the Scene, 12.06.99.
 Steve Cop at The Scene: 12.06.99

June 8, 2008

Dj Assault kicks ass

More specific: Dj Assault kicks Alan Braxes ass (or booty?).
As a dj it's very frustrating when the guy that plays before you doesn't respect the timetable and overruns your time ... witness a little battle at the decks at the Primavera festival:

June 3, 2008

Sex IN the city

Here's the result of a busy week: my mix for Bar d'Oh's lingerie-défilé. I recorded it last week, and this weekend the Mademoisselles de Gand took a walk and a dance at the Sex and the City "the movie"-afterparty in Antwerp.

For images you'll have to use your imagination, but if i get my hands on some footage i'll post it for sure!
The mix is only 20 minutes, i hope you'll enjoy it ... and if you don't, maybe your girlfriend will make you :)

Tracklist in collaboration with the choreographer and Bar d'Oh.
Feel free to comment.

Justice - Genesis (intro)
James Curd - Sea of faces
Kenny Hawkes - Play the game
Josh One - Contemplation (King Britt's Funke mix) + vocal
Ellie Medeiros - Toi mon toit
Depeche Mode - I feel you
France Gall - Laisse tomber les filles
Shawn Lee's ping pong orchestra - Get ur freak on
Southern Culture On Skids - Camel walk
The Glimmers - Wanna make out
Tiga - You gonna want me
The Gossip - Standing in the way of control (soulwax rmx)
interlude: SATC - orgasm
Jill Scott - Gimme
SATC movie-theme (outro)

bardéhfilé, grab it over here!