June 26, 2008

there's a doctor in the house ...

... and his name is Dr. Jones aka Franky Jones. He's been around a bit longer than the other doctor, and is one of the pioneers in the Belgian electronic scene. His dj- and production skills have opened doors all over the world. May-day, I love Techno, Loveparade, you name it he did it. The first time i saw him perform was at The Voodoo Eclipse (july 1995), he distincted himself from other dj's that night by playing in a more progressive kinda way, and that's the way i like his sets. One of my favourite sets was the one he did at the Teknoville-party in Fuse.

Anyway, after a sabbatical Franky is back in full force and within the next few months his name will start popping out in numerous party-calendars again. One of those "calendars" is on Legendaryclubs, and that's where i asked Franky what HIS favourite set was, so here goes the little story ...

"I had received a booking, but didn't actually know where it would take place. I met the organisers near a gasstation, and from there on they would take me to the crimescene :)
The rave was called Tribe-festival and took place in the woods of Arlon (Ardennes). It was a Goa-night, and i didn't know any of the other dj's. Although i was supposed to do a 2-hour-set, i ended up playing for 4 hours by popular demand of a wild crowd. It was one of my best sets that year. I never saw a flyer of the event or any info on the internet, but still about 800 people found their way into the woods that night."

The set is a 4-hour continuous mix, recorded in excellent quality and with some extra remastering on the sound afterwards (he's a perfectionist).

MegaUpload: Franky Jones at Tribe Festival, Arlon 16.06.06. 4hours (128 kbps 226mb)
MegaUpload: Franky Jones at Tribe Festival, Arlon 16.06.06. 4hours (320 kbps 565mb)
 Tribe Festival Arlon - dj Franky Jones 16.06.06 - 4hour set

Some tripnology to get you in the mood (Franky Jones: Q-Troniques):

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