September 19, 2009

I'm back, and so is Teknoville

Over 4 months since my last post and what can i say? A new personal record? :) No seriously, i've been busy in lots of ways.

One of the things i've been contributing to is Red Bull Elektropedia, an online ever-growing archive on Belgian electronic music and nightlife. That's right, history is being written down finally, and the past looks bright!
I'd be surprised if you haven't heard about this initiative, and ifso, please check it and help them out to complete the past. If you have any rare footage, exclusive flyers, pictures, videos, or some nice memories to share ... make your contribution. As long as it concerns Belgian Electronic music, anything goes.

The part of me that lives in the past thought it was about time to put some new Teknoville-recordings online. I won't tell you again how legendary these nights were, since the info is already on this blog. About the venue ... Cherry Moon, if you're in a nostalgic mood their flyer-collection is a nice way to get started on RBE.
As for the line-up, check the flyer :)
Lift-off with Yves Deruyter and Marcello, followed by The Art of Trance/Union Jack, Speedy J and Laurent Garnier. Yep, that was the correct running-order that night.

 Teknoville at Cherry Moon: Yves Deruyter +Dj Marcello by Red Bull Elektropedia

 Teknoville at Cherry Moon: Dj Marcello & The Art of Trance/Union Jack live 

 Teknoville at Cherry Moon: Speedy J live + Laurent Garnier - May 27th 1994 by Red Bull Elektropedia

 Teknoville at Cherry Moon: Laurent Garnier pt2 - May 27th 1994 by Red Bull Elektropedia