May 6, 2009

into the Galaxie

That's right ... Galaxie, not Galaxy. A radio-station in the north of France founded in 1981.
In the early nineties they decided to start programming 100% electronic music, and this made them a great inspiration during my youth. Techno, house, trance, elektro, ambient ... 24hrs a day. Can you imagine how happy i was when i discovered them at 95.3fm? (nowadays you can join them through their livestream).

The set underneath is a random recording i did on a fridaynight in 1991. It's a continuous mix (no chit-chat whatsoever) packed with rave-jams. This 60-minute-mix is one of my personal favorite sets ever (and i have quit a few). Maybe i'll try and make a tracklist in the next few days, but for now just have a listen.

Radio Galaxie 1991 by Red Bull Elektropedia PS: i was surprised on the good sound-quality of the tape (after 18 years it's still very ok!).

6 ID's to go ... thx to those who contributed :)

00:00 t99 - anasthasia
00:20 80 aum - mind controller
02:30 tronikhouse - the savage and beyond
05:03 cj bolland - mindwar (ravesignal III)
08:02 the ambassador - communism is gone (jeltsin version)
10:00 the hypnotist - the house is mine
2 horns - réveil trompette (radio edit)
13:11 the deadkirks - let's make some fuckin noise
16:40 plexus - cactus rhythm
20:00 interstellar overdrive - excited
22:30 fire on high - float in a dream of xtc
23:40 rj's rule - rave this nation
25:54 program 2 beltram - the omen (psycho mix)
27:50 aircut - visual attack
29:50 human resource - dominator (frank de wulf mix)
31:10 human resource - dominator (original)
33:40 la style - james brown is dead
34:23 la style - james brown is dead (een remix) ??
38:32 t.m.f. - control transmission
42:00 chimo bayo - a si me gusta a mi
44:30 set up system - fairy dust
45:00 mno - god of abraham
45:40 channel x - rave the rhythm
47:10 angel ice - n'aie pas peur
51:08 acid masters - taking a trip

May 3, 2009


I know it's been ages since i posted a new mix (and i also know that i say that almost every time :p) ... so here's something to end your weekend, or to kick off a new week.
A set by Kevin, recorded at Balmoral in 1996. I don't think Kevin needs any introduction (and neither does Balmoral). As a dj he always seemed to give his sets that extra touch thanks to excellent mixing skills and an extraordinary taste in music. His backspins are legendary and so are his "eighties" influences (a little hint in the video underneath).

MegaUpload: Kevin at Balmoral 1996. (sorry, no exact date)
 Dj Kevin Jee @ Balmoral 1996 by Red Bull Elektropedia