February 22, 2008


New stuff coming up, but first i'll try and keep a few people happy by reposting some sets that have been offline for a while, don't forget to read the original posts for some side info ;)

g-force at Montini "techno '95" 20.07.95 original post

steve cop at Fuse 17.09.94 link original post

February 14, 2008

Check one two.
Is the microphone on?
Time to get down once again to the funky sound.
Listen and groove to my deep bass.
While you funk in da place.
Dave Clarke, do it for you.

Here comes the ..mix!

Dave Clarke, Fuse 08.05.99. pt1 (Dave starts at '23)
Dave Clarke, Fuse 08.05.99. pt2

February 8, 2008

I'm a sucker for old rave-tracks, and it appears i'm not the only one ... check out this guy's youtube-page, it's full of vinyl-rips of classic '89-'92 tunes. Sure brings back some memories!