May 30, 2008


Time for another Fuse-resident post ... Trish. Belgium's leading techno lady has been spinning at the club since the early years.

Her style is very Detroit-influenced, and one of her all-time heroes is Derrick May. Her energy behind the decks is comparable, and so is the way she likes to cut cut cut the melody.

The set was recorded in march '98 ... oh crap, that's over 10 years ago.

MegaUpload: Fuse, dj Trish 28.03.98.

 dj Trish at Fuse 28.03.98

May 24, 2008


There are some new mixes coming real soon, but for the moment i'm busy doing a mix/soundtrack for a lingerie-défilé. Bar d'Oh is hosting the aftershow of the Belgian "Sex and the City"-premiere and they needed some tunes ...

May 11, 2008


One of my top-5 favourite clubs ever is H2o in Pecq, i got to know it thanks to the At The Villa/Le Café-nights in '96 (fridays).
The club has always been booming, and for a while they even had 3 rooms running.
Downstairs played Vince and Johan, upstairs Laurent Warrin, and in the techno-room you could listen to some techno with a.o. Steve Cop.
After a make-over the techno room has disappeared (and to be honest the genre wasn't all that popular in the club in those days).

Nowadays the only original resident left is Johan, he still rocks his "houzy" white-room. After all those years the club can still be considered as an example to others with its innovating line-ups, surprising concepts and personal approach. Always a pleasure to be there!

May 3, 2008

1989 summer of rave documentary

Packed warehouses, Hacienda, Happy Mondays, hooliganism, secret locations, politics ... here's a very interesting insight on rave-culture and its influence during the 2nd "Summer of love". Rise and fall, the end of an era or just a new beginning?

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

a guy called jungle

It can't always be techno, can it? It took me a year and a half to post my first jungle-set. Or is it drum'n bass? Whatever!

I ripped this set from the Groove 21 night, organised and broadcasted by Radio 21 in 1995 . The line-up was very eclectic: Mo & Benoelie, Carl Craig live (a repost on those 2), A Guy Called Gerald live, Mark Broom, Jan & Niels Zanzi (whatever happened to those guys?) ... these are the ones i remember. If anyone has some further information on the rest of the line-up, please let me know.

As for the Mark Broom set: i'm not sure if it's really him behind the decks because it's a trip-hop set (i just based my info on the mc announcing him). So once again, some help id'ing this set would be nice.

Fuse, soirée Groove 21, 15.04.95.

Mo & Benoelie (re-post)
Carl Craig LIVE (re-post)