May 3, 2008

a guy called jungle

It can't always be techno, can it? It took me a year and a half to post my first jungle-set. Or is it drum'n bass? Whatever!

I ripped this set from the Groove 21 night, organised and broadcasted by Radio 21 in 1995 . The line-up was very eclectic: Mo & Benoelie, Carl Craig live (a repost on those 2), A Guy Called Gerald live, Mark Broom, Jan & Niels Zanzi (whatever happened to those guys?) ... these are the ones i remember. If anyone has some further information on the rest of the line-up, please let me know.

As for the Mark Broom set: i'm not sure if it's really him behind the decks because it's a trip-hop set (i just based my info on the mc announcing him). So once again, some help id'ing this set would be nice.

Fuse, soirée Groove 21, 15.04.95.

Mo & Benoelie (re-post)
Carl Craig LIVE (re-post)


  1. merci du fond du coeur pour nous faire partager ses enregistrements qui sont de véritables perles notamment celui de A Guy Called Gerald que j'écoute depuis 1 an et Carl Craig.

  2. This Mark Broom set is so good.

    @ did you already managed to id some tracks in this trip hop set?