September 27, 2007


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cj bolland

Posting artists who are related to R&S seems to have become a habit of mine ... or just a coincidence.
Uk-born and Belgium-based Christian Jay Bolland (dj/producer) started of on the label in 1991 with his Ravesignal-series.
Alongside Frank de Wulf he was one of the first Belgian dj's to gain succes abroad. Nowadays he's still in high demand, not only solo, but also together with Tom Barman under the Magnus-alias.
The 2-hour set underneath was recorded at Fuse in 1999, 2 years after he released one of his biggest successes: The Prophet. It's a very solid mix, mainly techno. Go! Bang!!

 DJ Set CJ Bolland (Fuse, June 19, 1999) by Red Bull Elektropedia

September 20, 2007

kevin "master reese" saunderson

I'm back after a 2-weeks stop in France (Provence & Corsica), which were both very nice ... but that's probably not what you're interested in.

So here goes: underneath's a link to a 2 hour set by Kevin Saunderson, 1/3th of the Belleville Three.
I had the pleasure of hearing him spin already a few times (Teknoville a.o.), but the past few years i often have the impression he plays to hard (or i'm getting to old).
Luckily this Fuse-set is rather housy, and filled with a fair amount of unknown tracks + some classics near the end of the set.

Kevin Saunderson, Fuse, 23.10.99.