September 20, 2007

kevin "master reese" saunderson

I'm back after a 2-weeks stop in France (Provence & Corsica), which were both very nice ... but that's probably not what you're interested in.

So here goes: underneath's a link to a 2 hour set by Kevin Saunderson, 1/3th of the Belleville Three.
I had the pleasure of hearing him spin already a few times (Teknoville a.o.), but the past few years i often have the impression he plays to hard (or i'm getting to old).
Luckily this Fuse-set is rather housy, and filled with a fair amount of unknown tracks + some classics near the end of the set.

Kevin Saunderson, Fuse, 23.10.99.


  1. haha, I remember a party in the bunker JH in glabbeek a couple of years ago which was supposed to be a house party. but KS had other plans :) really pounding techno. and the crowd went from static to volatile from the very first record: goodlife :)

  2. btw man do you know set from dj darwin from fuse??

  3. sorry, i don't really know him, he appears to be an Austrian dj, are you sure he played at Fuse Brussels?

  4. i dont know, but this mix is omnipresent on p2p networks ;)