April 29, 2008

a tribute to B

April 30th ... 1996 that is! Exactly 12 years ago i went to my first so-called "retro" party.
I could be wrong, but wasn't this like the first retro-night ever? The theme of the night was a tribute to the most legendary Belgian club: Boccaccio (which had been closed down in '93) and took place in Cherry Moon. Behind the decks: Olivier Pieters, former resident and producer of the Bocca-anthem "Even Now".
This night was the perfect oppurtunity for me to catch up with the early house and new-beat years i had missed. The atmosphere was amazing that night, and so was the slightly different crowd (a bit older than on a regular Cherry Moon-night).

Some pictures of the legendary club

MegaUpload: Olivier Pieters at Cherry Moon: a tribute to B 30.04.96.

 A tribute to B(occaccio) at Cherry Moon: Olivier Pieters - 30.04.96 olivierpieters

April 20, 2008


Ripping this club's tapes was easier than finding it's logo, but after a little dive into my basement i finally completed this post.

For those who don't know the club: the former swimming pool in Waregem first opened as "Carioca". Round '92 it was renamed "Cirao" and made it's way into clubbing history. Most people remember it as a trance-club with residents like Phi-Phi, Fred Nasen, Yves LBQ, Laurent Warin, Nicolas, Philip Traikos.
The line-up also featured international guests like Blake Baxter, Stacey Pullen and some guests from the Amsterdam-scene like 100% Isis, Marcello, ... who added a fair bit of house and techno.

MegaUpload: Yves LBQ at Cirao. 05.01.96. (weekend after new-year)

 Cirao: Yves LBQ 05.01.96

MegaUpload: Steve Cop at Cirao. 30.10.94. (sunday)

 Cirao: Steve Cop 30.10.94

April 8, 2008


As promised here's another Steve Cop goodie, recorded at a Kozzmozz party in '96. "K" is one of the leading techno-events in Belgium and has certainly earned its spot in our clubbing history.

It all started in '95 on a jampacked boat. Due to the succes of the parties changes had to be made and a bigger venue was found: ICC. Later on the concept moved to the Kuipke and nowadays their homebase is at Vooruit (same location as 10daysOff).
Lots of venue-changes but still in Ghent after all those years ... except for some excursions to Brussels, Holland and even Ibiza.

MegaUpload: Steve Cop 10.08.96. Kozzmozz "vacation trip" 10.08.96.
 Steve Cop @ Kozzmozz - vacationtrip 10.08.96

April 2, 2008

claude young

If you're in for some heavy scratchin' & jugglin' Silo is the place to be on april 18th. Claude Young is coming over from Japan and will be playing alongside Steve Rachmad, Marco Bailey, Tom Hades and The Advent (live).
Underneath's a little something to get you in the mood: over 2 hours of Young, recorded back in '98. (Let's say a decade ago :p)

Claude Young "Oxxident-Avondland" at Red & Blue 15.05.98. part1
Claude Young "Oxxident-avondland" at Red & Blue 15.05.98. part2

Claude Young also started a blog recently, you can interact with him over here.

Check some of his skills in this little movie.
And by the way, i'd hate to spoil the party but i wonder if he still plays with vinyl (check some of his more recent videos and you'll see what i mean).