April 8, 2008


As promised here's another Steve Cop goodie, recorded at a Kozzmozz party in '96. "K" is one of the leading techno-events in Belgium and has certainly earned its spot in our clubbing history.

It all started in '95 on a jampacked boat. Due to the succes of the parties changes had to be made and a bigger venue was found: ICC. Later on the concept moved to the Kuipke and nowadays their homebase is at Vooruit (same location as 10daysOff).
Lots of venue-changes but still in Ghent after all those years ... except for some excursions to Brussels, Holland and even Ibiza.

MegaUpload: Steve Cop 10.08.96. Kozzmozz "vacation trip" 10.08.96.
 Steve Cop @ Kozzmozz - vacationtrip 10.08.96


  1. fantastic mix
    nuff said...

  2. strictly techno indeed! what a blend...many thx for sharing

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