April 2, 2008

claude young

If you're in for some heavy scratchin' & jugglin' Silo is the place to be on april 18th. Claude Young is coming over from Japan and will be playing alongside Steve Rachmad, Marco Bailey, Tom Hades and The Advent (live).
Underneath's a little something to get you in the mood: over 2 hours of Young, recorded back in '98. (Let's say a decade ago :p)

Claude Young "Oxxident-Avondland" at Red & Blue 15.05.98. part1
Claude Young "Oxxident-avondland" at Red & Blue 15.05.98. part2

Claude Young also started a blog recently, you can interact with him over here.

Check some of his skills in this little movie.
And by the way, i'd hate to spoil the party but i wonder if he still plays with vinyl (check some of his more recent videos and you'll see what i mean).

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