April 26, 2007

rubber johnny

I know some of you already saw this video some time ago, and yes, it's been around the blog. But even if it's "new" to only 1 person, my mission is accomplished.
Credits to Chris Cunningham.

April 23, 2007

monsieur dimi

Previously i posted 2 Respect-sets by Dimitri from Paris.
By dope demand i'll be reposting them in the next few days
(and also because they weren't online very long).

In the meantime i have a new set, that is quite different to the Playboy-mansion sets. It contains lots of classics like for ex. Frankie Knuckels' "baby wants to ride", and Harry Thuman's "Underwater"... (re-discovered by lots of dj's the last few years), but also harder tracks such as "Fuck you up" by Blake Baxter. Have a listen!

07.04.00. not just anothor Respect-night at Fuse

02.02.02. a night at the Playboy-mansion original post+ new link

02.02.02. a night at het Playboy-mansion pt.2 original post+ new link

April 19, 2007

apple eyes?

The award-winning Appelogen-blog has added me to their ever-growing music-library.

If you speak dutch you should check them out, they have some good writers, and always seem to find the weirdest links (and they bring more than just the "fun stuff").
Is their logo cool or what?

April 17, 2007

luke slater

It's been a while since i last heard something from this artist.
Years ago he was a regular guest at Belgian parties and clubnights. Together with Dave Clarke he was one of the main UK-techno exportproducts (now that's a description!).
Somehow i have the impression that Clarke took his popularity a bit further.
Maybe people got a little confused when Slater released his rather poppy "Alright on top" album? As a producer i liked him more under his "Planetary Assault Systems"-alias, although my favourite track is still "Luke Slater - Love (Loved) Remix".
As a dj he always seemed to bring variety in his sets, witness the set underneath, it was recorded at the Teknoville-party in Fuse (STU-BRU-stream), and it's my favourite Slater-set. It combines Detroit with some more bangin' techno, house, and even the odd booty track.
The set was recorded live, with that i mean you can actually here the crowd go wild, if you've been to Fuse, you know what i mean ... 1997+Fuse+Teknoville+Luke Slater=mayhem. Enjoy the complete set (2 hours). And if you like his technique, think of the fact that this set was recorded before the Pioneer EFX-era.

MegaUpload: total mayhem 26.12.97
 DJ Set Luke Slater (Fuse, Teknoville, December 26, 1997)

flashmob: silent rave

I suppose most of you know what flashmobz are about: a group of people gather at an appointed time to do something together. In this case: to have a silent rave, using their mp3/Ipods.
Check this video of a massive gathering in Londons Victoria Station.

some 80ies craze

Here's a french song i heard in a Dimitri from Paris-set that somehow never left my mind.
Many of you might not even know it, but to me, it's a classic.

April 14, 2007


It's been rather calm on the upload-front, but finally the An Pierlé-link is fixed, scroll down to get it!
Hopefully i'll be able to fix the Kenny Larkin set tomorrow. EDIT: FIXED
In the meantime: enjoy global warming.

April 11, 2007

Kenny Larkin

A few months ago i saw Kenny Larkin perform at the Sunday Matinee event in Ghent (it was nice to have him back in the R&S-city). Although it had been a very long time since i last heard him play, it occurred to me immediately that this legend really stayed true to his style: soulfull Detroit-techno (on the other hand isn't Detroit always soulfull?).
Here's a set from him, recorded at the FUSE-club in 1998, it has that odd house-touch which keeps the mix exciting.

Kenny Larkin at Fuse: 06.06.98

April 10, 2007

just playing

dead site?

Here's a link to a site i just discovered. It was last updated in 2005, but it features record reviews, pictures, articles, ... from 1996 onwards. Probably lots of memories down there for certain people.

April 4, 2007

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. find out what it means to me

As promised, here's another mix from the "Respect is burning" nights.
This time it features Jef K, who was the main resident of these parties.
Since 1998 Jef had a residency at Paris' number 1 hotspot: Rex.
On his way to discover the world he played at Brussels' number 1 club Fuse about once a month for 4 years.

His style combines deep and funky house, not forgetting the odd disco-classic once in a while, and doesn't sound typically French (to me it rather sounds like USA kinda house ... but who am i?).

If you like his music, don't forget to check his "My House" series.

MegaUpload: 18.06.99 time to get Jeffie!

 Respect is burning at Fuse: dj jefK 18.06.99 by Red Bull Elektropedia

By the way, if anyone of you can ID the first track: help me out and i'll buy you a