March 6, 2007

paris is burning

Bad luck if you thought you'd find some hot Paris Hilton action, Paris is still the capital of France, and the most burning sensation the frenchies gave us were the RESPECT parties. Check the history of those legendary nights over here.

The set i'm presenting you is mixed by one of the Respect-residents: Dimitri from Paris, and was recorded at the Fuse-club. If i'm not mistaking this was the release-party of the "after the Playboy Mansion" cd.
The Respect-parties at Fuse were well known for their great atmosphere and open-minded crowd, it's a bit of a shame they came to an end in 2003 (that is for Belgium). It seems like nowadays Respect have returned to their Paris roots, last year they hosted some parties spreading the French Edbanger-vibe.

MegaUpload: Paris is sleeping, Fuse is burning ;) Dimitri from Paris @ fuse 020202 pt1
 Respect is Burning at Fuse: Dimitri From Paris 02.02.02 pt1 

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