December 30, 2007

l3m4nt - deafmix

So here it is, the end of 2007 and finally a mix of my own ... not the usual fuse-kinda stuff, but a mixture of elektro, house, minimal, fidget-house and even some baile and baltimore-beats.
Recorded with 2 cdj-1000's and a Xone 62. Start your download by just clicking the picture and enjoy the set!

December 27, 2007

new site in town

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felix da housecat

Or Aphrohead, Thee maddkatt courtship, Jamie starr scenario, Rocketmann ... to name a few of his aliases.
Underneath is a 2h30-set by the Chicago kid and founding father of the Radikal Fear recordlabel, and as usual for my techno-rips it was recorded at Fuse.

The past few years Felix has been discovering new paths and as a dj/producer/remixer he was more into the elektro kinda approach. His Silver screen Shower scene-track totally relaunched his career and was a blueprint and instant classic for todays elektroclash-scene.

Check the set and maybe you'll already hear some elektro-influences in it, also pay some attention to the track at about 15-16min, imho it sounds a bit like an other elektro-anthem, released in 2001.

Felix "tequila" da Housecat at fuse 26.06.99.

December 21, 2007


A while ago i did a post dedicated to T-Quest (an ex-Fuse resident), but if there's one dj who's been there since the early days, and who still rocks this club every weekend, it's dj Pierre.

Pierre started his carreer in the legendary 55-club (Kuurne), and a few years later he and clubmanager Peter Decuypere moved to the number 1 techno-club in Belgium. Pierre Noisiez is also responsible for one of my alltime favourite mix cd's: Dj connection presents Pierre.

Nowadays he's completely into hypnotic minimal sounds, never losing track of time he still does a great job every weekend. Besides being a dj he's also involved in the Lesizmo:r and Ltsmk concepts.

Pierre at fuse, 02.05.98.

December 5, 2007

personal favourites

I've added a new thread with some of my favourite sets (and repeatively requested stuff), it's on your right under "Personal favourites". Currently it features the Café d'Anvers 1992 set/Mo & Benoelie at Fuse 1995/and a ravy set recorded at club Chéops in 1994 ... i'll be adding the Club 55 1991-set very soon.

December 2, 2007

harder, better, faster, stronger

The past few months this track has been totally in the picture again (thanks Kanye), it seems to get better everytime i hear it.

paul van dyk

It's been a while since i posted something for the legendary clubbers, so if you're not into techno, here's your chance to grab something different.
The man with the tie is Paul van Dyk, voted nr.1 dj in the world several times (although nowadays the Dutch alliance is taking over) and you could say he's one of the trance-godfathers.
In 1993 Paul mixed the first edition of X-Mix, an excellent combination of music and graphics (released on cd, vinyl, vhs, dvd ... the vinyls are indisposible in any collection!!).
In 1994 he released his breakthrough-single "Emergency", followed by other successes like For an angel and My World.

In 1998 he made his appearance in Fuse on a friday-night for a trance-special and that was the only time i saw him perform.
Paul van Dyk, Fuse 04.12.98.

god is a dj ... here's some proof