December 2, 2007

paul van dyk

It's been a while since i posted something for the legendary clubbers, so if you're not into techno, here's your chance to grab something different.
The man with the tie is Paul van Dyk, voted nr.1 dj in the world several times (although nowadays the Dutch alliance is taking over) and you could say he's one of the trance-godfathers.
In 1993 Paul mixed the first edition of X-Mix, an excellent combination of music and graphics (released on cd, vinyl, vhs, dvd ... the vinyls are indisposible in any collection!!).
In 1994 he released his breakthrough-single "Emergency", followed by other successes like For an angel and My World.

In 1998 he made his appearance in Fuse on a friday-night for a trance-special and that was the only time i saw him perform.
Paul van Dyk, Fuse 04.12.98.

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