January 28, 2007

welcome ... At The Villa

Does anyone remember radio Galaxie? Does anyone remember At The Villa?
The first one still exists, second one ... unfortunately it doesn't.
During the 90's this radio station did some "live" broadcasts on the club in their "Church" period (for full story, check legendaryclubs).

Follow the link underneath to a 1994 recording, mixed by Marko and Johan, resident dj's at this club (yes, in the early 90's resident dj's made the club, nowadays guest-dj's often do). As mentioned this is a "live" recording, this means you can actually hear the crowd going wild and somehow experience the atmosphere.
The "Galaxie" people were kind enough not to disturb the recording with annoying jingles, thanks for that one.

Did i mention this is my favourite ATV-recording?

January 22, 2007


Here's a tape I ripped from a legendary Belgian club called "Club 55". The tape was recorded in 1991 and consists out of 2 parts (as most audiotapes do ...).
There are a few tracks who appear in both parts, so I suppose the recording covers 2 different dates. Don't ask me which dj did this mix, it's a f*ckin 1991-tape, people didn't care, and handwriting was yet to be invented.

For all those suckazz talkin' bout so called "nu-rave": have a good listen to the real stuff!!

One last thing: there's a "comments" button somewhere down here ... feel free to use it.
 55 Kuurne - 1991