December 21, 2007


A while ago i did a post dedicated to T-Quest (an ex-Fuse resident), but if there's one dj who's been there since the early days, and who still rocks this club every weekend, it's dj Pierre.

Pierre started his carreer in the legendary 55-club (Kuurne), and a few years later he and clubmanager Peter Decuypere moved to the number 1 techno-club in Belgium. Pierre Noisiez is also responsible for one of my alltime favourite mix cd's: Dj connection presents Pierre.

Nowadays he's completely into hypnotic minimal sounds, never losing track of time he still does a great job every weekend. Besides being a dj he's also involved in the Lesizmo:r and Ltsmk concepts.

Pierre at fuse, 02.05.98.

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