April 23, 2007

monsieur dimi

Previously i posted 2 Respect-sets by Dimitri from Paris.
By dope demand i'll be reposting them in the next few days
(and also because they weren't online very long).

In the meantime i have a new set, that is quite different to the Playboy-mansion sets. It contains lots of classics like for ex. Frankie Knuckels' "baby wants to ride", and Harry Thuman's "Underwater"... (re-discovered by lots of dj's the last few years), but also harder tracks such as "Fuck you up" by Blake Baxter. Have a listen!

07.04.00. not just anothor Respect-night at Fuse

02.02.02. a night at the Playboy-mansion original post+ new link

02.02.02. a night at het Playboy-mansion pt.2 original post+ new link


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greetz Koendial

  2. RESPECT to l3m4nt!!!! ;-)

    Greetz koendial

  3. ik wist niet of je dat eerste of tweede deel had gemist, in ieder geval, ze staan er nog eens alletwee

    gezien telenet vanaf nu up-en downloadlimiet samensmijt kan ik wat meer uppen

  4. can you please put this files of dimitri from paris back on zShare (or something like that)

    I just found your blog, good stuff, thanx

  5. I'll try and make a re-up within the next few days (or weeks ;))