April 4, 2007

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. find out what it means to me

As promised, here's another mix from the "Respect is burning" nights.
This time it features Jef K, who was the main resident of these parties.
Since 1998 Jef had a residency at Paris' number 1 hotspot: Rex.
On his way to discover the world he played at Brussels' number 1 club Fuse about once a month for 4 years.

His style combines deep and funky house, not forgetting the odd disco-classic once in a while, and doesn't sound typically French (to me it rather sounds like USA kinda house ... but who am i?).

If you like his music, don't forget to check his "My House" series.

MegaUpload: 18.06.99 time to get Jeffie!

 Respect is burning at Fuse: dj jefK 18.06.99 by Red Bull Elektropedia

By the way, if anyone of you can ID the first track: help me out and i'll buy you a


  1. eeps, kheb net men archieven eens doorzocht en kheb 2 albums en een set gevonden:
    - Paris Is Sleeping Respect Is Burning
    - Respect To DJ Deep (Respect Is Burning)(2001)
    - Jori Hulkonnen @ Respect is Burning - Fuse-Brussels ( CD release Party Jori Hulkonnen -Different- 06-09-2002 ).mp3

    ik dacht dat ik er meer had dus kmoet thuis nog eens goed zien. laat maar weten wa'k er mee moet doen ;)

  2. rippen die handel ... of me die tapes eens bezorgen (we gaan toch es moeten afspreken IRL hé), dan doe ik het wel