March 30, 2007

switch it

Paris is raving to Edbanger, Berlin exports minimalsounds, so what about London these days?
Well, it seems like there's a new scene, mashing house with elektro, baile funk and hip-hop into so-called "fidget-house". A typical UK-sound with fat drum-rolls (remember speed-garage?) and bouncy beats.
Personally, i LIKE it, but the attention for this style outside of the UK appears to be rather small.

One of the founding fathers is SWITCH, better known as the producer of last years "A bit patchy" anthem. Switch aka dj Dave Taylor/Solid Groove/Brucker has been very active as a remixer during the past year.

His dj-sets are packed with edits and remixes (official and unreleased) for very different kind of artists.

Switch it!

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