April 20, 2008


Ripping this club's tapes was easier than finding it's logo, but after a little dive into my basement i finally completed this post.

For those who don't know the club: the former swimming pool in Waregem first opened as "Carioca". Round '92 it was renamed "Cirao" and made it's way into clubbing history. Most people remember it as a trance-club with residents like Phi-Phi, Fred Nasen, Yves LBQ, Laurent Warin, Nicolas, Philip Traikos.
The line-up also featured international guests like Blake Baxter, Stacey Pullen and some guests from the Amsterdam-scene like 100% Isis, Marcello, ... who added a fair bit of house and techno.

MegaUpload: Yves LBQ at Cirao. 05.01.96. (weekend after new-year)

 Cirao: Yves LBQ 05.01.96

MegaUpload: Steve Cop at Cirao. 30.10.94. (sunday)

 Cirao: Steve Cop 30.10.94


  1. merci beaucoup.....tu nous offres que des perles...... Zzany

  2. je me souviens d'un extra du cirao fermé pour cause de travaux ou d'incendie je sais plus, la soirée a eu lieu dans une petite salle des fetes pas tres loin

    le dj a fait sont boulot, peut impote l'endroit
    une pure soirée!!

  3. c'était pas au HyQ à Avelgem par hassard?