April 29, 2008

a tribute to B

April 30th ... 1996 that is! Exactly 12 years ago i went to my first so-called "retro" party.
I could be wrong, but wasn't this like the first retro-night ever? The theme of the night was a tribute to the most legendary Belgian club: Boccaccio (which had been closed down in '93) and took place in Cherry Moon. Behind the decks: Olivier Pieters, former resident and producer of the Bocca-anthem "Even Now".
This night was the perfect oppurtunity for me to catch up with the early house and new-beat years i had missed. The atmosphere was amazing that night, and so was the slightly different crowd (a bit older than on a regular Cherry Moon-night).

Some pictures of the legendary club

MegaUpload: Olivier Pieters at Cherry Moon: a tribute to B 30.04.96.

 A tribute to B(occaccio) at Cherry Moon: Olivier Pieters - 30.04.96 olivierpieters

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  1. Prachtig avondje toen idd, herinner me toen het ietwat oudere volk en ieder ging toen VOLledig uit zijn dak! Het lijkt nog niet eens zo lang geleden, damn 12 jaar:-)

    Thanks voor de post, ik moet da tapeke ook nog ergens bij mijn folks hebben liggen, maar waar..