February 11, 2007

techno 95

My first so called rave was at the "Belgium" event in 1995. The music i heard was somehow harder than what most dj's played in the clubs those days. The line-up was incredible (google it!) and 100% Belgian.

One of the jocks that really impressed me was dj g-force, i think i heard him for the first time that night. Although he was in charge of the closing (6 or 7 am), he played the hardest set, a new sound to me. This was techno, but not as i knew it. Hard bangin' tracks with some acid-influences, these were the early days of the Reload label (probably the first Belgian label to release and promote this sound, check their impressive discography).

Unfortunately i don't have any recordings of that night, but what i do have is a g-force tape, recorded at the Techno 95 rave in the Montini club. If you're into the harder side of techno you should check it. It starts with a long intro (the noble art of playing a good intro no longer exists!) and slowly builds up with some minimal and bleepy sounds, the journey continues "hard", and ends at a crazy tempo (keep your bpm-counters ready!!).

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  1. merci beaucoup les sets de G-force sont rares et toujours terribles.RAVE ZONE L'AMI.THX

  2. yeah,big big thanks pour un tel post.

    RaVe ZoNe forever

  3. Amai amai! Merci beaucoup pour le vrai connaisseur de l'acid Mister G-Force avec son music très special. Dommage qu'il n'y a plus de sets comme ça le jour d'aujourd'hui!

  4. Heb hier de 1ste, 2de en 3de compilatie cd's liggen van Reload + nog een paar vinyls.Inderdaad een goed label en Montini vroeger was zoals ze hier in Limburg zeggen 'patat':-)