May 3, 2009


I know it's been ages since i posted a new mix (and i also know that i say that almost every time :p) ... so here's something to end your weekend, or to kick off a new week.
A set by Kevin, recorded at Balmoral in 1996. I don't think Kevin needs any introduction (and neither does Balmoral). As a dj he always seemed to give his sets that extra touch thanks to excellent mixing skills and an extraordinary taste in music. His backspins are legendary and so are his "eighties" influences (a little hint in the video underneath).

MegaUpload: Kevin at Balmoral 1996. (sorry, no exact date)
 Dj Kevin Jee @ Balmoral 1996 by Red Bull Elektropedia


  1. merci! goe setje, coole blog trouwens

  2. these legendary moments...words are very unnecessary

    all credits go to kevin

    thnaks for sharing the nostalgic rhythm lemant

    appreciate it

    hop it's a fresh rip btw