July 13, 2008

RESPECT: Stuart Mc Lellan

It's sunday, and i'm feeling housy thanks to Derrick Carter's set at Decadence last friday. What else to post but some good old Respect-tunes?
Here's a set Stuart Mc Lellan did back in '99. You may think "who the f* is ...?" Well that's what i was thinking too. Anyhow, even if you don't know him the set is definitely worth checking. Some featured tracks an memories:

E-Troneek Funk's "Everytime", one of my favourite tracks on the Famous when Dead compilations, and often played in H2o-club (white room).
Kenlou's "What a sensation": classic Masters At Work stuff, first heard it in an Amsterdam-tape (recorded at Escape club).
Moodyman's "I can't kick this feeling when it hits": reminds of the first 10daysoftechno at the Red Tape building.

I also have another recording of that same night featuring a live by The Micronauts and a Troublemen-dj set ... will post that one later.

MegaUpload: Stuart Mc Lellan at Respect-night, Fuse: 24.09.99.
 RESPECT is burning at Fuse: Stuart Mc Lellan 24.09.99


  1. Nice set dude! Was way too long since the other. Please update more often!

  2. Hi, first I want to say: "...big Respect to you!". I've discovered your blog for few days now and I think I've never had a "download fever" like this before ;-) Great work and interest in various types of electronic music! Again Respect! ...Would it be possible to have the sets of Monsieur Dimitri from Paris back online... thanks a lot!!! Mister V

  3. ^^I made a new upload in the "re-post" section, enjoy your download fever ;)

  4. Now, that is what I call: express delivery! ;-) Thank you! May I abuse and ask for a re-post of the sets of Bob Sinclar, Jef-K & St-Dic... and It'll really be Burning!!! Cheers! (...well talking about house, these are real good parties too...)
    Mister V