June 4, 2007

Ostend Casino, Derrick Carter used to play there

Years ago, the Fuse-club did some outdoor gigs, called "Fuse on the beach" ... nice memories: afternoon-parties at the Ostend beach, and at night a rave in the Ostend Casino. This same venue was also the location of Fuse 5th birthday, where Derrick Carter and Carl Craig hosted the house-room.
The main room was rather techno-oriented, i could be wrong but i think Green Velvet played that night (help me out and fill the cheese-holes in my brain).
Edit: seems like i was wrong, other "techno" guests that night were Luke Slater and Stacey Pullen.
The set underneath is a recording of the Derrick Carter-set. It's 100% house with a nice Chicago-drive. When i heard him play at Café d'Anvers a few years later he couldn't convince me in the same way as he does with this set. Agree?

MegaUpload: 23.04.99. Derrick Carter, Ostend Casino
 5 years Fuse @ Ostend Casino: dj Derrick Carter 23.04.99