August 22, 2007

extra time

Here's one of my alltime favourite videos: Ken Ishii's breakthrough-track Extra. The video's just as excellent as the song itself. The release came with a few excellent remixes, hard to choose which one's the best ... Dave Angel did a great uptempo track, but the more breaky Wagonchrist-remix was truly amazing (that bass sound just blew me away).

I saw Ishii perform only once, when he did a dj-set at I love Techno (the first or second edition at Flanders Expo i guess). His set was very diverse, blending techno with house, breakbeats and some olskool sounds.
Underneath's a comparable set, recorded at Fuse. You've been warned: expect more than just techno.

28.03.98 Ken Ishii at Fuse

As usual i'm testing yet another filehost (it's starting to turn into a fetish)