August 3, 2007

dave clarke (does it for you)

Kinda strange ... i've been posting Fuse-recordings for some time, but it took over 6 months for the first Dave Clarke-set to appear on this blog.

Clarke used to be my favourite dj for some time (after his legendary "Eurodance" set), but lately i haven't really been following what he's been up to.

The recording underneath is a vinyl-set of nearly 3hours (the last 20 minutes probably feature one of the residents) with the usual ingredients: techno, elektro, booty, detroit, house, ... the bangin' stuff.

Dave Clarke, 18.12.99 Fuse 3hours - complete mix (MegaUpload)

  DJ Set Dave Clarke (Fuse, December 18th 1999)

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  1. lmao I remember the Eurodance set, it's really sick. techno used to be so good