March 1, 2007

carl craig live (as in "live"!)

This is part 2 of the Fuse-post i did a few weeks ago (check underneath). Exit Mo&Benoelie, enter Carl Craig.
I think Carl's been around ever since i started going out (under different aliases).
My earliest memory: "throw" as Paperclip People
My favourite track: "frequency finale" as 69 ,i know it's older than "throw", but i discovered it later (repress)
My favourite remix: "moskow discow" by telex

Until now i saw him perform 3 times : first was a dj-set at the Fuse On The Beach event (Ostend, can anyone tell me what year?), second a live-gig at Groovecity (Brussels'04) and third was a dj-set at 10daysOff (Ghent'06). To be honest, as a dj i liked him till some years ago, but his last gig was kinda disappointing (being a bit predictable in stead of innovative).
As a producer and perhaps even more as a remixer, he's still one of the greatest (Beanfield - Tides, Cesaria Evora - Angola are among my favourite tracks of the last few years).

Moskow Diskow video (original version)
Carl Craig dj-kicks video
Carl Craig's Televised Green Smoke (check the Tres Demented percussion in the beginning)

Oh yeah, here's his LIVE-gig at Fuse:
 Live Carl Craig (Fuse, April 15, 1995) by Red Bull Elektropedia 

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