May 20, 2007

new year's eve is getting closer ... it always does

If i see the download-stats some sets on my blog get, i notice that most of the readers are into techno. The set featured underneath will serve a wider audience i think... it was recorded at Fuse, NYE 1999. That's right, the last day of the milennium!
Needless to say there are a lot of classics in this mix.
I won't spoil the fun and give you a tracklist in advance (also because i'm far to lazy to do that), but you'll here some of my favourite tracks from the 90ies, the end of the new-beat era, acid house, and of course a lot of pure bangin' techno. I can give away the first track: Planetary Assault Systems, Booster. You can clearly hear Jack de Marseille has played in Belgium a lot during his career.

31.12.99. ... Jack had a groove ...


  1. Great sets & great job!!
    Thxx for the memory of this!!
    Techno & pleasure!!

  2. thx man!!
    enorm zalig setje, de jack zijn glorietijden!