May 6, 2007

extreme mondays ... pas "comme un lundi"

All of my previous posts were Fuse-recordings ... i have quit a few left, but this time i'm posting something from another legendary club: Extreme. Altough ... there's still a connection:
Phi-Phi hosted some nights at the upstairs "BUMP" room in Fuse.

I first heard of him when he was a resident in At the Villa (Kooigem), but many years later Phi Phi is still in high demand, often for so called "retro"-nights.
Almost anyone can play retro-music, but i would advise you to check his progressive sets:
Phi Phi still seems to have kept the track of time very well.

The set underneath was recorded 03.02.98., nearly 10 years ago ... time flies (when you're having fun). Mondaynight session, this means mainly progressive trance.

They even named island after this man :)


  1. merci, fantastische blog trouwens

  2. 3 a 4 keer geweest daar...memories they hunt me till the day i die... grave site!