May 12, 2007

basement jaxx ... LIVE

10.000 visits at this blog, big up yaself :) ... this calls for a special treat.
The title says it all i guess. In 1999 Simon and Felix presented their "Remedy" album at the Fuse' Motion Room in a semi-live.
It features a mixture of their own tracks and some goodies from their record-bag (they're dj's after all) + 2 of their vocalists to heat the whole thing up.

The album is in my all-time top 5, and i don't think it ever left my recordbag since its release.
(even the album-sleeve is one of the nicest i ever saw)

2 years later i saw them perform at a Belmondo night in the SMAK-museum, presenting their Rooty-album. A fantastic night out and a great performance, but somehow i think the Jaxx never reached the level of their debut album again.
If you feel the same, don't forget to check their Atlantic Jaxx compilations. (especially the first, it's packed with classics!)

17.04.99. Basement Jaxx ... not even big enough to host the main room :)


  1. no problem, morgen geef je der één op matinee :)

  2. tnx we zullen eens luistern
    mloutje zal oek content zijn ze voor het te horen

  3. Merci voor de set, kben echt benieuwd!!!