May 13, 2007

happy mothers day

Yo mama so fat.. she got baptized in SEA WORLD
Yo mama so old... She used to gangbang wit the Hebrews
Yo mama so dumb...she got food stamps and ate em
Yo mama so stupid... she tried to get a manicure with food stamps
Yo mama so stupid, she bought 2 cell phones, 1 for each ear
Yo mama so fat i tried to walk around her one time, and i got LOST
Yo mama so fat wen she went to school she sat next EVERYBODY
Yo mama teeth soo yellow, wen she went to the dentist he said "cant believe its not butter"

Yo mama a man, and ur daddy likes it
Yo mama so fat she can sell shade
Yo mama so poor her boobs are real
Yo mama so stupid she was staring a an orange juice carton for twenty minutes because it said "concentrate" Yo mama so ugly her pillow cryz at night
Yo mama so ugly, when she gets up, the sun goes down
Yo mama so old when i told her to act her age, she died

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