July 5, 2007

Derrick May have a temper, but he's one hell of a dj

No need to introduce this techno-don. I saw him perform a few times and i especially liked the way he blends techno with house (and the odd classic) instead of pinpointing to one style.
Usually his mixing skills are top noch, but once i saw him have an off-day in the Vooruit venue at a Teknoville-party. Due to technical problems that night mixing wasn't as smooth as it should be, so when it really got to Derrick he just took his headphones and threw them into the backstage area. Therefore "temper, temper" in this thread's title.

The set below starts with some ultrafunky house, and from there on evolves further into Detroit and straight-on-techno. Enjoy these 72 minutes (there's a little skip during Green Velvet's "Coïtus"-track ... skip... Coïtus, so hard not to make a dumb joke about that).

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  1. copy paste van bij redbull elektropedia:
    zeker dat dit een set is van Derrick May?
    (het klinkt toch helemaal anders dan andere sets)
    Bovendien heb je ook nog deze set: http://www.mixesdb.com/db/index.php/1999-03-03_-_Derrick_May_@_Fuse (bij deze set vermelden ze trouwens ook als datum 23.03.1999)
    Het lijkt me straf dat Derrick May in een maand tijd 2x in de fuse zou gespeeld hebben
    Misschien een verkeerde datum?