July 16, 2007

papa Väth

Last days have been rather busy, with some fine jazz at the Bluenote-festival, the opening of the 10daysoff, and some garbage-camping at Dour ;)
(by the way, i'm doing a few 10days-reports at allnighters.net ... that is if you speak dutch)

Time to recover and get back in shape with some vintage techno?
Underneath's a link to a 2h30 mix by Sven Väth, recorded at Fuse in '98. Väth's been at the top for over 15 years now, and it seems like he'll stick to that spot.
I saw him play earlier this year (once again ... at Fuse) and it was one of the best sets i'd heard in months.

New link: 3parts in a split-RAR:
Sven Väth, 25.04.98 part 1
Sven Väth, 25.04.98 part 2
Sven Väth, 25.04.98 part 3

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